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Before I start, I just want introduce myself, My name is Arie. I’m from Indonesia. I do like photography. But I have concerned in Alternative Photography. I have been three and a half years in Alternative Photography World. I have shooted, made a pinhole, and introduced this to people out by asked them to also make it. And now, I thought to created my own product. Neo Pinhole. It’s originally created by me as a youth of Indonesia. I want this camera will be accepted in Indonesia especially for young people, but beside that I also want to bring it out to international.


NEO Pinhole


NEO Pinhole is a 35mm pinhole camera that successfully I have developed with my friends. The camera is made ​​of Teak Wood with FocalLength 34mm and use 35mm film for the media recorder.

Neo pinhole is producted only 50 pieces of each version. It’s a limited production. Because I want my product is different from the other cameras and one of the unique things. And  Only 50 lucky person who will owned it.

NEO Pinhole - Alliance Photography 3

The sales target of NEO pinhole are youth and every one who loves photography. The media of NEO pinhole is Social Media. Social media is like facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. It’s very strategic, because most of people use it. Because of it NEO pinhole known easily and many people wanted to buy it. Proven in just 24 hours, this camera are sold out.

Now NEO Pinhole still has v1. And for the Neo Pinhole v2  is under development. Curious? Wait for the next version that will be more cool and more features that allows you to create a masterpiece of photography with a pinhole camera.

Below are a few images i already captured with this DIY pinhole:



Roller Coaster - Universal Studio SG

Upacara Bendera - Kinasih, Sukabumi


Arie Haryana

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