I realized, I couldn’t please everyone

In life I often got stuck in a situation  where I had to choose one of many choices and I was aware of the consequences, especially when it’s about being happy or not. Confused. Huft.

It’s all about making decision. A decision which I should choose while  not worrying about whether other people would like it or not. Because I believe when you say ‘Yes’ to others, make sure you don’t say  ‘No’ to yourself.

Often people like to assume that the decision I took was a mistake, even though they didn’t know exactly why I choose it. Just because they know me on facebook? Twitter? Hey, wake up! You don’t know anything about me. So I think it’s not fair for you to judge me wrong, making mistake or selfish, just because I didn’t listen to you.

They won’t be pleased either because they just don’t like me or they just don’t like what i did. They may not even have a specific reason they can pinpoint. Most people just aren’t very logical.

O well .. maybe I’m just tired. Why did I have to think about  them when I should be thinking about myself? I realized I couldn’t please everyone. Huh!

Hello there, Nama saya Arie Haryana, 04 November 1994 saya telah dilahirkan di Kota Purwakarta, Jawa Barat. Saat ini saya tinggal dan kerja sebagai Programmer salah satu perusahaan swasta di Kota Bandung. Selain keseharian saya mencari uang, saya pun aktif sebagai anggota Komunitas Lubang Jarum Indonesia. Saya telah jatuh cinta sama yang namanya Fotografi sejak tahun 2011 lalu dan sampai sekarang cinta itu masih bertepuk sebelah tangan, karena faktanya saya masih belum terlalu pandai dalam memotret sesuatu.

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