I realized, I couldn’t please everyone

In life I often got stuck in a situation  where I had to choose one of many choices and I was aware of the consequences, especially when it’s about being happy or not. Confused. Huft.

It’s all about making decision. A decision which I should choose while  not worrying about whether other people would like it or not. Because I believe when you say ‘Yes’ to others, make sure you don’t say  ‘No’ to yourself.

Often people like to assume that the decision I took was a mistake, even though they didn’t know exactly why I choose it. Just because they know me on facebook? Twitter? Hey, wake up! You don’t know anything about me. So I think it’s not fair for you to judge me wrong, making mistake or selfish, just because I didn’t listen to you.

They won’t be pleased either because they just don’t like me or they just don’t like what i did. They may not even have a specific reason they can pinpoint. Most people just aren’t very logical.

O well .. maybe I’m just tired. Why did I have to think about  them when I should be thinking about myself? I realized I couldn’t please everyone. Huh!

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